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Help Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions about

What types of writing do you offer?

We began as an academic writing service and gradually expanded to offer any type of research and writing to students from secondary school all the way through graduate programs. More recently, we developed a writing staff so that we could provide business, career, professional, and copywriting services to meet the demands of a much larger clientele.

How many years have you been in operation?

We have been in this business for several years, beginning very small but growing every year, so that today we serve thousands of clients, the majority of them being repeat customers who use us exclusively.

Are you a registered company somewhere with an actual address?

Yes, we have an actual corporate headquarters and operated as an LLC. Unlike most other writing agencies, we also have a telephone number by which you can contact us 24 hours a day. Other methods of contact are via chat, email or Skype.

Why should I choose your service over others out there?

The biggest factor in the quality of a writing service its writers. We use only degreed professionals who research and write only in the fields of their degrees. We also have the highest level of quality customer service in the industry, and are committed to customer satisfaction with the writing products they receive.

Our Company Personnel

Where do your writers come from?

Our writers are all native English-speaking professionals who come from around the globe. They have degrees from credible colleges and universities, and must pass a rigorous test in formal academic writing before they are employed. They are assigned projects only in those areas for which they are qualified. For example, a writer with a Master’s degree in biology will write in the field for high school and undergraduate students. A writer with a Ph.D. in biology will write at any level, including graduate. Our business and professional writers come from their fields as well. So, we have HR pros that produce resumes and CV’s; we have journalists who produce press releases and news articles; we have web design and content specialists for copywriting projects; and we have business professionals who product business plans, reports, and so forth.

How do I know an actual live writer is producing my writing?

Once you have submitted an order with us, you will get a personal account on our site. You may login to that account and speak with your writer at any time during the production process. In fact, we encourage this communication, because the more dialogue between customer and writer, the more likely it is that the customer will get exactly shat s/he wants. As well, the writer may ask for clarification and let the client know exactly where s/he is in the process

Is there a point of contact if I have questions or issues?

Yes, there is. We have a customer support department that is open 24/7 – chat, Skype, email, or telephone at any time.

How do you determine if a product is what the client wants?

All completed orders pass through our quality control department before being delivered to a customer. Here, they are checked for everything. Do they meet all of the customer’s specifications? Is the research authentic? Does the quality of composition meet our standards? Does it pass our plagiarism scan? Nothing leaves our doors until we know it is correct.

Legal Questions

Are there legal issues around using a writing service to produce stuff I will be turning in for a grade?

No. You are purchasing a product, just as if you would anything else online. Once you pay for it, and take possession of it, it belongs to you. It is not considered contraband in any country in the world. 

Will I need to inform my instructors that I am using you?

No. this is a private matter between us and our customers. We never divulge the names of our customers to anyone!

Standard Guarantees

How do I know that what you write for me has not been sold before or will not be sold again?

Other writing services may engage in this fraudulent activity, but we do not. Every piece of writing produced by our writers is produced for only one customer and is trashed from our system once delivered to that customer.

Do you guarantee no plagiarism?

Yes, we do. We have software that scans all finished writing, and we have never had an incident of plagiarized content being delivered to a client.

Is your service fully confidential?

Yes, it is. We have a privacy policy that protects our clients, and we do not distribute or transfer customer information to anyone else.

Do you have a secure system for online payments?

Absolutely. We use a third-party processor just like any other retailer on the web. That processor has SSL certification. So far, we have not had any breach of personal or financial information.

What recourse do I have if I am not happy with my finished order?

You simply as us to revise it and tell us what you want changed. Usually these revisions are at no cost. Please read through our Revision Policy for the details.

Questions from Business and Career Professionals

What type of business writing do you do?

We have professionals who produce business plans, reports, white papers, manuals, press releases, newsletters, proposals, etc. – virtually any type of business writing that may be requested.

Do you write grants?

Yes we do. In fact, that is one of our newest departments, and we have already produced a number of grants that resulted in funding.

Do you have professional resume and CV design services?

Yes – an entire department actually. If you need creative and compelling applicant materials, you will be thrilled with our work.

Do you do ghostwriting for journal publications in scientific fields?

Absolutely. We have Ph.D. scientific writers for these tasks.

Questions from E-Business Entrepreneurs

Do you have website designers

We have the best in the industry. The can create or remodel your site, to include all of the newest elements in design and structure.

Can you maintain my blog and social media pages?

Yes, we can. We have great content writers for these purposes – they are creative and entertaining.

I need a total content marketing strategy. Do you do this?

Yes we do. Our copywriting professionals are fully current on the latest trends in marketing and will devise a plan perfectly suited for you, as well as provide all of the content to implement that plan.

Pricing and Making Payment

Are your prices compatible with the industry standard?

There really is no industry standard. You will find that really low prices come from companies that are inferior in quality of writing. Our prices are a bit higher than many because we only use degreed writers and we pay them well for the top quality they produce. We do, however, have a liberal discount policy – check it out!

How is payment made?

Payment must be remitted at the time of order submission. You will have a cart and checkout procedure just as every other retailer has. We accept all major debit and credit cards, along with e-checks, wire transfers, and PayPal. We cannot assign an order to a writer until we have payment.

Safe icon

For the purposes of providing the best services to our customers, has developed strong security measures to prevent any information leakage. No third party has access to any sensitive information. For details see Terms of Use.

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