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Top 7 Travel Skills Everybody Needs to Develop in Their 20s

December 08, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

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Top 7 Travel Skills Everybody Needs to Develop in Their 20s

As a child, you probably did your traveling accompanied by adults who did all of the thinking and navigating for you. As a teenager, you may have taken a few trips with groups of other students chaperoned by adults. You may have also taken a train or flown by yourself, but chances are there was an adult meeting you at the end of your destination. Of course, this assumes that you never took a gap year, studied abroad, or spent time as a foreign exchange student. However, it is safe to assume that most students don't have that experience. Now that you are in your 20s, if you travel, you are expected to navigate things on your own. In addition to this, travel may be unavoidable. In fact, work, family, and social obligations make it more likely than not that you will take at least a few trips in your 20s. The good news is that you can create great travel experiences for yourself and become the kind of traveler that is welcomed all over the world by learning these 7 travel skills. They will make traveling easier for you, and will help you to enjoy a better experience.


  1. Showing Respect to The Locals

Citizens of tourist towns often cringe when they see young adults. This is because many young adults arrive in travel destinations, especially ones in foreign countries, and behave in ways that are both disrespectful and entitled. If you travel somewhere, treat the people you interact with respectfully. Most importantly, don't wave your money around. Pay people fairly for their services, but don't act as if you are owed something.


  1. Learning The Difference Between Unfamiliar and Wrong

When you travel to other cultures, you will witness things that are new to you. These things might unfamiliar, but they are not 'wrong'. They are also not gross, weird, or a joke. Don't offend the locals and create a poor reputation for yourself by insulting their food, culture, and traditions. In addition to this, don't expect there to be an Americanized or English speaking version of everything that you come across.


  1. Taking Time to Learn About the Culture You Are Visiting

If you know a little bit about the culture you are visiting, you can avoid inadvertently offending the people who live there. You might also be able to participate in that culture without sticking out in an ugly way. This will lead to a much more enriching travel experience, and increase the likelihood that you will develop friendships when you travel.


  1. Knowing What You Can and Cannot Pack

Familiarize yourself with what items you can and cannot bring in your carry on bag. You will save time, avoid irritating other passengers, and be able to board your flight much more quickly. If you have disallowed items in your carry on, you will have to surrender them or go back and check your bag. Checking nearly always costs money.


  1. Knowing Which Documents and Other Items You Must Keep Near You at All Times

Keep your passport, ID, shot records and other important documents in an easy to access place such as a pouch, pack, or other item you carry on your person. Your bank debit card should also be with these other important documents. This way, you will not lose the items you need to travel or survive for a night or two if you get separated from your luggage. If you are taking medications, these should be kept on your person as well.


  1. Knowing The Basics of Traveling and Solving Basic Travel Related Problems

By the time you are in your twenties, you should be able to purchase plane tickets, ask for upgrades, reserve hotel rooms, and take care of your basic needs no matter which country is your destination. You should also know what to do if your flight is delayed or canceled, you miss your flight, or if your luggage arrives at another destination. Finally, you should know how to ensure that you can use your bank card in a foreign country.


  1. Understanding The Importance of Always Have Emergency Funds

Chances are good that when you travel, everything will go wonderfully. If you do run into problems, more likely than not they will be minor inconveniences that you can quickly fix by yourself or with the help of a concierge or local authority. However, every once in a while something catastrophic does happen, and you may need  more money than you planned to spend. This is why it is so important to create a travel budget that includes funds for emergencies. In addition to having emergency funds, you should also know the location of the local embassy or consulate, and you should know how to contact local authorities for assistance. 

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