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Content differences of u.s.  u.k.  and ca educational systems

Both the U.S. and the U.K. are homes to the top 200 universities in the world. They all have a rich tradition of quality higher education, great facilities for reseacrhes, and a whole culture of academic freedom. Nevertheless, these countries differ a lot when it comes to their systems of education. On the other hand, while the U.S. and Canada practically share the same international border, the same cannot be said about their educational systems. This article will explore the primary differences of these educational systems to guide students from all over the globe who are seeking to enroll in these countries.

Content rsz 6 survival tips for life in a college dorm

If you have ever watched Big Brother on television, you will know what a nightmare the wrong combination of people in a house can be. Big Brother lasts only a couple of weeks at most, and then everybody goes home. In a college dorm you are thrown into much the same situation; stuck on a floor with a bunch of people that you have never met before in your life. Lots of egos, insecurities, good and bad habits, noise, drink, drugs, and of course, the "S" word!

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