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The Self-Evaluation Essay – How to Be Objective?

September 22, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

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The Self-Evaluation Essay

Can a person ever be really objective about themselves? Probably not. But if you are tasked with writing a self-evaluation essay, you will have to try. And because you have never produced one of these, you may be anxious about even how to write a self evaluation. Here is a really simple formula that is actually used in evaluating businesses, but it really work for people too!

The S.W.O.T. Formula

If you have not heard of this acronym before, it stands for “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.” In evaluating a business organization, consultants will identify a company’s strengths, or those things it does well; it will evaluate its weaknesses, or those things that need improvement for more growth; it will evaluate the opportunities that the company has for greater growth (these are usually external things); and it will assess the threats to success and growth (both internal and external).

Writing a self evaluation essay can actually take this formula and apply it at a personal level. Here is how you do this:

  1. Strengths: Reflect on all that you have accomplished and what personal strengths you have developed over the years. Do you have a solid educational background? Do you have specific skills that make you valuable to a future employer? Have you developed into a person with an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and meeting challenges as they come? Do you have perseverance? Do you have passion? Are you mindful of the value of all people, no matter how different they may be from you? These are a few strengths you might want to think about as you write this section of your essay.
  2. Weaknesses: Yes, we all have them. Be honest with yourself and identify those things you know need improvement. Are you a procrastinator? Can you be stubborn at times? Do you “choke” if you have to prepare and present a speech? Do you sometimes act impulsively? Do you occasionally treat others poorly in the pursuit of your goals? Do you lack balance in your work and personal lives?
  3. Opportunities: You need to be forward-looking to address this section of your essay. Given your current status, and the given the future world you are facing, what opportunities lie ahead of which you can take advantage? Are they related to you as an employee or as an entrepreneur? Are you enthusiastic about seeking new opportunities?
  4. Threats: Okay, so there are both internal and external threats to your success. What are they? Are you in a field that will change significantly over the years and force you to continue to seek more professional training and education? And how will you get that so that you stay relevant in your field? Are there personality weaknesses that may hinder your ability to work with others well? Are you too domineering or to easily influenced and persuaded? Will the overall economic stability of the country impact your success?

One Further Note

As you write you self-evaluation essay, try to avoid the really trite self evaluation phrases, such as “team player,” “strong work ethic,” etc. These are pretty meaningless unless you can come up with examples that really demonstrate those things.

If you use this simple formula, you will do two things: You will have an essay that is really worthy of the topic, and you will have engaged in some introspection that has forced you to identify those things you really need to work on for your future!

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