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How to Write a Management Research Paper

August 06, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

Content management research paper

Research Paper - Management

Expect them. Expect lots of them. If you are a student of business management, you will have essays, case studies and research papers – probably bucket loads of them! And while all of these writing assignments may clearly relate to your field of study, producing them can be a major pain in the butt. And while you may get into the case studies and even essays that ask for your opinion on management practices, those research papers are quite another matter. You may, in fact, be wondering how to write a research paper in management. Does it differ from those that you had to write for your general education courses? The short answer is “no.” The longer answer is “yes,” in some minor respects.

All Research Papers Share Common Aspects

If you are starting the process of writing a management research paper, you should know that you will need to do the same things that you have done for all other papers you have written:

  1. You will need to identify a topic and conduct some initial research.
  2. Based upon that initial research, you will need to develop a thesis. If your topic is on various styles of leadership, for example, your thesis may state that one specific style appears to work best across all organizational environments, or that one style works best in a “remote” team environment.
  3. You will then conduct the rest of your research, using both primary and secondary resources, organize the information/data into coherent sub-topics, and prepare an outline for writing.
  4. You know the drill for the rest of the process. You write your rough draft, edit and revise that draft, and then prepare your final draft, in the format style required by your professor/institution. In business coursework MLA is usually the referred format style.

Selecting Topics Can be a Challenge

Depending upon the specific course content, management research paper topics will need to fit that content and, as well, be something that really interests you. Noting can be worse than selection a topic in which you do not have a keen interest – the entire research and writing process becomes nothing more than a course in endurance if you lack interest. So choose your topic carefully. Here are some potential management research paper topics:

  • Accounting Forensics – What Role Should Management Play?
  • Affirmative Action – How to Comply With Federal Laws Regarding Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation and Disabilities
  • Quality Circles – Are They Worth the Time and Effort?
  • Risk Management – What are the Best Practices?
  • Reverse Performance Appraisals – Are They More Effective?
  • Branding – Whose Job is it?
  • Models for Strategic Planning
  • Managing Remote Teams – Best Practices
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – How Important is it to Generation “C?”
  • Web-Based marketing – Newest Trends

With luck some of these suggested topics will pique an interest, and you can move on to a topic that you will find motivating.

Help is Available

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