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How to Write a Good Physics Research Paper

August 11, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

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Physics is such a wide-ranging subject field, and it touches the lives of everyone every day. If you are studying physics, the research papers you may be assigned can be of two types. This is also true in all of the lab-based sciences, including biology and chemistry too. And depending on the type of physics research paper assignment, the structure may or may not be like that of papers in other fields of study.

The Scientific Research Paper that is Actually a Lab Report

One type of research paper involves a structure very much like a Master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation, and may actually be referred to as a lab report at the college level. You will required to design an experiment and develop a hypothesis regarding the outcomes of that experiment. Your paper will have the same sections that a thesis may have, as follows:

  1. An introduction in which you present your experiment and your hypothesis
  2. Background research of those who have conducted experimentation that is related to yours.
  3. A section on the actual design and methods of your experimentation
  4. A section on the results of the experiment, in which you present the data but no discussion of those results
  5. A discussion section in which you analyze the results, and interpret them, either proving or disproving your hypothesis.
  6. A conclusion that speaks to perhaps additional research that might be conducted.

The Traditional Physics Research Paper

You will also be asked, quite often to write a research paper that does not involve original experimentation, but instead provides an in-depth study of a topic related to one of several areas of physics, depending on the specific course you are in. In these instances, you will need to know how to write a good research paper of the traditional variety, where you choose a topic, develop a thesis statement, and prepare a paper that essentially presents the research of others that support your thesis. Suppose, for example, that you want to write a research paper on hydrogen fuel for cars, and your thesis is that this fuel type has great promise for the future of clean transportation. Your paper will summarize the research that others have done in the field, where the research stands today, and what future research will need to be conducted in order to make hydrogen-powered cars a reality.

It you are assigned this type of research paper, and you have options for a topic, here are some possibilities that could result in great papers:

  • Nuclear Energy – Safe, Clean, but Dangerous?
  • Hydroelectric Power as a Future Fuel Supply
  • Regenerative energy
  • Wireless Electricity
  • Black Holes
  • Wind Energy Initiatives in Certain Countries
  • Antimatter and Higgs Principle
  • Amusement Park Rides Physics
  • Bernoulli’s Principal
  • Robotics in Medicine
  • Physics of the Hard Drive
  • Physics of Skiing

As you can see, topics for physics research papers are broad in range - from theoretical, to practical, to lighter subject matter. If you are having difficulty designing an experiment for a lab report paper/project or you are unsure about how to write a good physics research paper of either type, a good writing service with degreed physics experts can certainly help you through it.

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