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The Euthanasia Research Paper

August 17, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

Content euthanasia research paper

The Euthanasia Research Paper

Euthanasia is really a “loaded” term, because of our history. Nazi Germany engaged in what it termed “euthanasia” when it slaughtered millions of Jews. This was the largest modern day example of involuntary euthanasia, in which lives were ended without the consent of those who died. Given this history, we have now changed the term to “right to die,” incorporating the idea that people choose voluntarily to end their own lives, because of terminal medical conditions that include great pain and suffering. So, if you are tasked or you choose to write a euthanasia research paper, you focus will be on the concept of “right to die.”

The Controversy Provides Lots of Topics

You may choose euthanasia as a research paper topic in any number of courses – political science, sociology, psychology, religion, philosophy, medicine, law – because this topic is a hotly debated one in all of these fields. And because of this, there are a number of research paper ideas that you might choose:

  • What are the arguments in favor of assisted suicide (or right to die) that have prompted laws to make it legal in countries of Europe and Asia and in certain states in the United States?
  • What are the ethical issues of the “right to die” controversy? Here you may want to address the conflict between a person’s right to control his/her own life and death and the medical profession’s commitment to preserve life at all costs.
  • What are the legal issues related to “right to life?” What regulations must local, state and federal governments put in place to ensure that this is voluntary?
  • What are the differences between voluntary and involuntary euthanasia?
  • What are the differences between passive and active voluntary euthanasia?
  • What role should government play in regulation and control of voluntary euthanasia? Do governments even have the right to control these decisions?

As you can see, any topic you select for a euthanasia paper will probably be an argumentative research paper. But don’t confuse argumentative with the demand that you take a stand. You can present both sides of this argument objectively without taking a stand if you are yourself undecided. On the other hand, if you have strong personal feelings about the issue, then you goal will be to present your argument and to deflate the arguments of the opposing side.

Do Not Delude Yourself – a Research Paper Requires Research

A lot of authors write on this topic, because they have strong opinions. But, because you are in an academic environment and producing a research paper, you will need to go deep into the topic with lots of research to find the data, the statistics, and the ethical, religious, and legal approaches to the topic. Yours must be a scholarly piece, not just comprised of your opinions.

If You Have Difficulty

Organizational structure, finding all of the relevant resources, and actually writing the research paper on euthanasia may be troubling right now. Perhaps you do not have the time; maybe you have concerns for your skill in presenting the issues or the arguments in a logical or fluent way. At, we “get it.” You can always come to us and say, “Write my research paper” on euthanasia or any other topic, and we will respond with a content expert to get that done for you.

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