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Writing an Essay on Friendship

August 20, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

Content friendship

Essay on Friendship

We all have different “levels” of friends, and that actually might make a great topic for an essay on friendship. You are unlikely to write such an essay in any course other than English comp, and such an essay might be of several different types.

The Definition Essay on Friendship

What is a friend to you? And what does true friendship really mean? Does a true friend always “have your back,” or does one sometimes let you struggle on your own so that you emerge better and stronger from that struggle? Can friends be enablers in bad ways? Is there someone who meets all of the criteria you have for friendship?

The definition essay is usually structured with an introduction that provides a general definition, maybe from a dictionary, and then a thesis statement that explains how you intend to expand on that definition and the elements that you have established for that definition.

Writing an Expository Essay on Friendship

Remember, an expository essay explains, but not by way of just providing a definition. Most expository essays have examples and details, and this type of essay on the topic of friendship should do the same. Once you have established the elements of friendship that are important to you, you can provide anecdotes and circumstances in which either you or a friend exhibited that element. In this type of essay, you also have the opportunity to use humorous examples, and that is always a plus for the reader (especially an instructor who may be reading 100 of them!)

A Persuasive Essay on Friendship

If you choose friendship as a topic for a persuasive essay, then you need to do some serious thinking about a sub-topic within that larger context. You might, for example, have a thesis that one element of friendship is the most important and persuade your reader that you are correct. Let’s suppose, for example, that you believe honesty is the most important factor in a friendship. Think about what experiences you have had in which that quality was really critical. Do a bit of brainstorming here, and try to find at least 3 for your body paragraphs. Your introduction will of course include the thesis statement that honesty is the most important factor. This essay can incorporate both humorous and serious examples, and that will serve to make it far more interesting to the reader.

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