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3 Great Resources for Writing a Discrimination Essay

September 28, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

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3 Great Resources for Writing a Discrimination Essay

Discrimination is the act of treating people unfairly due to their age, race, religion, gender identity, disability status, country of origin, or sexual orientation. It is a serious and ongoing issue with impacts that are felt in schools, the workplace, the military, housing, law enforcement, and simply in any places where people interact with one another. People who are victims of discrimination are often left with little to no support or recourse. If you are taking a college class in sociology, psychology, public policy, education, business, law enforcement, or human services there is a good chance that your course syllabus will include coverage of this topic. There is also a good chance that you will be asked to write a prejudice and discrimination essay to prove your understanding of this topic. As you probably already know, the trick to writing a great essay on any topic is finding a few great resources. This is why we have identified 3 great resources for anybody writing an essay on discrimination.

A Great Resource for Understanding Gender Discrimination

If you are researching issues relating to gender based discrimination, there many data avaliable online as well as the statistics. The service offers data organized specifically for researchers, data sorted by region, data sorted by themes, and analytical tools. This is a great website resource for anybody who wants solid, factual data and statistics as the foundation to their research paper. If English isn't your first language, there are options to view the data on this page in several different languages. As you do your research, remember that this topic is not limited to women and discrimination. Discrimination impacts men, women, and the transgender community.

Learning About Racial Discrimination

Try searching for inspiration on the other excellent academic paper about racial discrimination. It addresses the sociological elements of racism. This includes the impacts of racism on various groups of people in various settings, and the basis of attitudes and thought when it comes to race. It addresses immigration, privilege, and several other items that are key to  understanding and writing about racism. This is a great place to start when you begin writing your essay or research paper about this very timely subject.

A Source for Factual Information on Religious Discrimination

One area in which religious discrimination is a significant issue is within the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the branch of the government that creates and enforces policies that are related to discrimination in the workplace. This includes discrimination on the basis of religion or lack of religious belief. Part of this includes receiving and investigating claims of workplace discrimination. The EEOC then makes public, the statistical information relating to these claims. At the same time the information and created several tables, charts, and graphs that provide detailed information about religious discrimination in the workplace.

Getting Discrimination Paper Assistance

We know that there are times when even the best of resources simply aren't enough. If this is true in your case, please don't hesitate to contact us. Every member of our staff is eager to assist you with your paper on discrimination or other topics. 

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