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Great Ideas for Criminal Justice Essay Topics

July 18, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

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Criminal Justice Essay

Criminal Justice is an undeniably big topic these days. This is something that impacts current events, history, education, sociology, and even psychology. This means that there aren’t just a huge number of criminal justice essay topics, this means that students working in any academic discipline should be able should be able to incorporate criminal justice into virtually any essay. Do you think this isn’t true? Well, keep reading, we will demonstrate that you can write a criminal justice essay for virtually any class. Let’s get started!

Criminal Justice Essays for Government and Political Science Courses

  • Write a Criminal Justice Paper about the political coopting of police brutality incidents.
  • Write a paper about the correlation between the lack of funding of police departments and issues negative relationships between law enforcement and members of the community.
  • Compose a criminal justice research paper about the positive results of neighborhoods supporting community policing.
  • What cities are doing the best job at recovering from officer involved shooting incidents and successfully rebuilding public relations? What are they doing right and what are other
  • What is the best way for local politicians to improve relations between the police departments and the general public?
  • When have police departments been on the right side of social change, and when have they been on the wrong side of social change?

Criminal Justice Topics for Education Majors

  • What is the proper role of the SRO?
  • What responsibility do educators have in the creation of the school to prison pipeline?
  • How can teachers encourage students to consider careers in law enforcement?
  • How should teachers handle questions about police brutality or other newsworthy issues?
  • Write criminal justice papers on ways to encourage positive interactions between younger students and local law enforcement.
  • Former members of the military are encouraged to look into teaching, should law enforcement also be encouraged to do the same?

Criminal justice essay papers for Science Classes

  • Write a paper discussing the five most exciting forensic discoveries of the past a decade
  • How has DNA changed the way that evidence is processed?
  • Why is temperature control important in a place that stores lab samples for court cases
  • What would it be like to pursue a career as a forensic pathologist?

Criminal Justice system Essays for Social Science Classes

  • Write an essay comparing arrest rates between two different socio-economic communities.
  • What are the best ways of serving family members of incarcerated individuals?
  • What programs do corrections institutions use to help foster relationships between incarcerated parents and their children?
  • Is there a relationship between parental mental illness and the likelihood that children will have an arrest record before leaving high school?
  • What can be done to encourage police officers to seek out crisis intervention training?

Ideally, these lists have demonstrated the flexibility of the topic of law enforcement for written assignments. Hopefully this has also served to encourage students to write insightful and thoughtful essays with law enforcement as a viable topic.  If you need help with law enforcement essays, please just visit our website and take a look.

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