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Best 5 Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

November 09, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

Content tips to boost blog traffic glo

5 Strategies for Driving Traffic to Your Blog


What makes a blog a tool for driving engagement, brand recognition, and conversion? The answer to this question is plenty of readers who keep coming back to read more, and who share your content with others. A blog with heavy traffic can have a direct and strong impact on sales. Your job is to figure out how to boost the amount of readers that you have. Fortunately, there are several techniques that you can use to get this job done. Here are 5 strategies you can use to boost blog traffic.

  1. Make it Easy to Share Your Content

If you want more traffic, you obviously need more shares. The question is, how easy are you making it to share your content. Are you including share buttons that are placed in a prominent position? If not, get those share buttons out there! If  you already have share buttons in place, you may wish to do some experimenting. Performing an action as simple as relocating those buttons could increase the number of shares you get. Another thing to consider is adding the Google Plus to your share buttons. One thing to remember about social media shares is that the more shares you get, the higher your search engine rankings are. However, not all social shares are created equally. Google views some social media platforms as being more trustworthy than others, and this influences SEO rankings. As you would expect, Google + shares are very valuable. It could be worth the boosted SERP ranking to add the button.

  1. Keep Promoting Your Content

One mistake that many people make when promoting blog content is that they only promote one time, usually right after they have published. This is a big mistake. Not only should you promote your blog content through multiple social media channels, you should promote your content several times. Failing to do so is causing you to miss out on opportunities to get your followers engaged in conversations about your content, and to share that content with others. The next time you publish a new blog post, consider doing the following:

  • Schedule multiple tweets and Facebook posts to go out a few hours apart on the first day that you publish.
  • Over the next few days promote your new blog post once or twice per day
  • Pay attention to any comments and shares and use those as an opportunity to engage your audience in conversation

A second mistake that you may be making is failing to promote older posts once you publish new posts. Sure, you want the focus to be on your most recent post, but you should still be on the look out for opportunities to promote past content. Once a week or so, take a few minutes to review your older posts, and ask yourself if there is anything currently happening in your industry that give those posts renewed relevance. If they are, then by all means promote them again.

However you promote your content, just be sure that every promotional post is unique. Don't try to repost the same promotional posts each time.

  1. Add Visual Content to Your Blog Posts

Content that is either partly or entirely made of of visual elements is seen by others as being more interesting and more trustworthy that text based content.  As a result, visual blog content receives more shares and more readers. You can increase shares and traffic by simply adding a few pictures to your posts. However, if you really wish to see big results, you need to consider posting videos, GIFs, and even infographics.

  1. Content Curation Will Help You Keep Things Fresh and Active

Unless you have a lot of spare time and resources, churning out new blog content on a regular basis can be impossible. Unfortunately, if there is too much time between blog posts, your audience can become disinterested in your blog. One thing you can do to fill in the gaps is to curate content. This is sharing content that has been created by others. Just ask yourself what your target audience would be interested in, and then go find it.

  1. Get Your Audience Involved Via Crowdsourcing Content

The more involved your audience is in contributing to and creating content, the more they are going to share your posts, and the more eager they will be to read new posts when they come out. Crowdsourcing can be done by asking your audience members to respond to polls and surveys, to submit content ideas, to submit pictures and videos, etc. If you want to really get your blog content making the rounds, consider starting a hash tag marketing campaign. This is a great way to get your audience talking about your brand, and sharing your content.

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