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Argumentative Essay Ideas – Good Topics for Every content Field

September 03, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

Content argumentative essay ideas

Argumentative Essay Ideas

We all have opinions. I may think spinach is the best food in the world, but lots of children would disagree with me. And we all have our opinions about which types of music, clothing, cars and sports teams are the best. And all of these opinions are just that – opinions that we voice without factual information or data to back them up.

When students are asked to form an opinion for an argument essay, however, things change. Now, factual information and data is absolutely necessary, in order to present evidence that their opinions are, in fact valid.

Writing an Argumentative Essay

No matter what topic you may choose for an argumentative essay, there will be certain requirements:

  1. You must determine what your position on an issue is.
  2. You must conduct research on both sides of the issue
  3. You must present the evidence that supports your opinion
  4. You must present the opposite opinion and attempt to “debunk” these opposing arguments with evidence
  5. You essay must be well organized so that you have logically provided a full argumentative analysis of the issue at hand.

Finding Good Argumentative Essay Ideas

Topics are everywhere, not matter what the course for which you may have this assignment. Simply watching a few national news broadcasts will provide you a wealth of them. Your textbook will also present topic ideas. The important thing is that you choose a topic for which you can find enough information and about which you have a strong opinion. The essay will be much easier to write.

That said, here are some potential topic ideas:

Social Sciences, Humanities, and Liberal Arts

  1. The huge increase in our prison populations is the result of bad laws and privatization, which has turned incarceration into a profit-making industry.
  2. The decision of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case has resulted in the wholesale purchase of our politicians by the wealthy.
  3. Behavioral problems of kids today is the result of the breakdown of traditional family structures.
  4. We are over-medicating our kids today.
  5. Helicopter parents are producing dependent children who do not experience life as it really is.
  6. Technology is responsible for our huge problem with obesity.
  7. Technology is a direct cause of obesity in America

Technology and Science

  1. Biogenetic engineering is progressing at a more rapid rate than we are dealing with the ethical issues that are involved.
  2. Climate change is man-made
  3. The drought in California is only a prelude of things to come the world over
  4. Technology of warfare has resulted in a de-sensitization of people to mass killing of others
  5. The science of eugenics is expanding at a rapid rate, and man has not begun to grapple with the moral and ethical issues involved.
  6. Climate change is man-made
  7. The fact that California has only one year of water left is just a prelude to a much larger global problem
  8. We have become de-sensitized to war because it can be fought with technology
  9. Technology is threatening are privacy and freedoms

Contemporary Societal/Economic/Political Issues

  1. Marijuana should be legalized nationally
  2. Student loan debt is threatening the future of our economy, and measures must be taken to provide relief.
  3. We are becoming unable to manage artificial intelligence, as it is growing too rapidly
  4. Women have the right (or not) to make their own decisions about abortion and should (or should not) have access to safe, convenient facilities for this procedure.
  5. We should round up all illegal aliens and deport them (or find an alternative that brings them into the “system” legally).

Choosing a topic for your argumentative essay may be the easiest part of your assignment. The real work begins as you conduct the research and struggle with presenting facts that support your viewpoint and reduce the value of the opposing one. If you find that you are in need of argumentative essay help, contact and get a pro to assist you.

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