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3 Great Resources for Writing an Animal Rights Essay

August 27, 2015 - Posted to Catchy Research Paper Topics

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Animal Rights Essay

The issue of animal rights is extremely important. While not everybody agrees on the solutions, almost all of us agree that the problem exists. If you are writing an essay on the issue of animal writes, you have the opportunity to get some great information out to your readers. One of the challenges students face when they are writing an animal rights essay is finding great sources of information on the subject. After all, no matter where you stand on this issue, you want your information to be accurate, reputable, and interesting. In order to be of assistance, we have taken the time to review many pages of information available on the internet on animal rights issues. Hopefully our students who are working on animal rights papers will find these resources helpful to them.

Library Index – Animal Rights Debate - History of the Animal Rights Debate

We believe that almost any paper can be made more interesting, and more compelling if it contains information on the history of the animal rights movement. When we went looking for a great resource on this particular subject, we wanted to find one that was scholarly, full of interesting facts, and historical information. There were many great choices, but we narrowed our selection down to a scholarly article that we find on the Library Index website on the. We think students will find the information here extremely useful. As an added bonus, the article links to several other topical articles that might also be helpful when writing an essay about the rights of animals.

Michigan State University College of Law - Introduction to Animal Rights

As we were doing our research, we found this article that might possible one of the most complete sources of information on the topic of animal rights. This article deals with the history of the movement, politics and law associated with animal rights, the role of animals in society today, and the ongoing debate between those who advocate for animal rights and those who advocate for humanity. If a student is looking for a balanced source when writing an animal rights persuasive essay this is definitely one to consider as it contains information on the anti-animal rights movement. This fascinating and informative article also contains information on the future of the animal rights movement, international perspectives, and the impacts of the economy of the animal rights movement.

Speaking of Research - Animal Rights Activist Organizations

Animal rights activist organizations are without a doubt an import part of any discussion on animal rights. This is true whether or not you agree with their actions or not. These organizations have pressured politicians, engaged in acts of civil disobedience in an effort to further their cause, enlisted the help of celebrities, and challenged major industries and corporations around the world. Some have even pressured lawmakers to create an animal bill of rights. This source contains information on many of these organizations including links to their websites, basic information on each organization, and a few additional informative links. If students want to further explore animal rights activism, this is a great place to start.

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